Tools and Accescories for Pool Plaster Installation

FIZU s.r.o. company stocks all necessary tools and equipment which are needed for pool plaster installation.

These tools make installation much easier and they are of the highest quality made in USA.


Pool Renovation - trowels for plaster installation


Tools for pool plaster installation - bucket boardPool plaster - bucket board


Pool renovation- shoes with spikesHow to renovate pool? spiked plates for shoes



LO-CHLOR pool balancing additive


pool reconstruction

Swimming pool renovations

No matter what material your pool surface was built from and how the pool looks like. FIZU offers the best choice of surface for your project. Our partner SGM, Inc. the world's largest producer of cement plaster for swimming pools, whirlpools and fountains. The company develops, manufactures and delivers high quality and innovative products to thousands of distributors, builders, realization companies and service professionals worldwide.

Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

ONE STEP BOND KOTE powder and resin is produced to exact and rigorous quality control standards. Only the highest quality raw materials and ingredients are used in the manufacturing process of ONE STEP BOND KOTE Surface Preparation System. You can rest assured, from job to job, you will get the best bond possible.


Water Chemistry

Water Chemistry

After the finish is exposed, le t it air dry for as long as conditions will allow. Delaying the fill water a few hours or until the next morning w ill reduce the occurrence of shade variations (Mottling). Care must be taken not to over-d ry the plaster and cause shrinkage cracking.


Installation Specification

Installation Specification

In many areas of the Europe the a dvent of fall brings an end to the swimming season as temperatures drop. The swimming pool industry for yea rs has faced the challenge of dealing with freezing temperatures that can da mage equipment, interior finishes, plumbing, til e, and structures.


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